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 Who are we?

Little Britain is a new company, but we are not new to teaching. Our manager has herself been a student of English both here in Brno and in the UK. Our teachers are experienced and all of them have working knowledge of teaching in the Czech Republic. This means that we all have a good understanding of the specific needs of Czech students. We teach because we enjoy it, and because we love the English language.

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  What we offer?    
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We offer courses in English as it is really used and spoken around the world. Our emphasis is on a communicative lexical approach, with you, the student, making discoveries and decisions about the language you are exposed to. Our teaching is in English, by English speakers. Students often work in pairs and groups to make the most effective use of their time in class.

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We teach all levels of English from complete beginners to proficiency students, either one to one or in small groups. Once you have been graded by your entrance test and assessment interview, we will place you in the level most suited to your learning needs.

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