English is easy ...    


We teach real English, as it is spoken all over the world.

We teach all levels of English, from beginners to proficiency students, both general and specialised English.

We tailor our teaching to our individual students’ and business needs, especially thematically/lexically, so that it is of most practical use in the workplace.

We are not limited by the semester system – our courses can start at any time during the year, and be of any duration. Our teaching is continuous.

Our placement system is more refined than is the norm. This is because we are not ‘stuck’ with one particular set of teaching materials and can produce material at the exact level of the student.

Our lessons are taught in English, by native speakers from different parts of the English speaking world.

Group sizes and pricings can be found under “Price list”. Special conditions for teaching and/or pricings can be negotiated.



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